14 Jan 2013


Happy New Year!!!! 2013 is here and I am so thankful to God that we all made it. It's going to be our best year yet so let's make every moment count.

I encourage everyone to "go for it" this year. Positive attitude all the way! By His grace, we shall perform great exploits this year.

This post is to encourage and advise us all to let go of those things that we "want" and focus on the things we "need". Often times, the former looks more attractive than the latter but please do not be decieved. Anything that doesn't "add" to you is definitely "taking" from you.

Please enjoy the below post and ensure that you NEVER settle for less than you deserve! ;


Can you take a break for a minute? Take one step backward and analyze the situation…

Yes, I am human so naturally I crave attention

I crave to be that one person you think about first thing in the morning and last thing at night

Like a junkie, your attention has become my favorite drug

I experience withdrawal symptoms every time you are away

I am totally lost in the “little attention” you give me that I fail to realize that it’s all in my head

…that what I have called “attention” is your meager response to the “real attention” I have given you

What I have termed “withdrawal symptoms” are just unnecessary distractions that have clouded my mental vision of the true situation

Now I’m past that phase, I realize that in my bid to get your attention, I got distracted from the more important things in my life

I now know that your “attention” is a major distraction from what I deserve

So I take two steps backwards and say to myself “I’d rather have no attention than a distracted attention”


Stay Strong!

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