18 Oct 2012


So I have watched with dismay as my Country degenerates to nothing short of a jungle with wild animals living within. The stories abound nowadays are enough to make any hard hearted person weep profusely

We were gradually getting over the gruesome murder of Cynthia before the ALUU 4 issue came up and just yesterday I heard over the radio of a woman that was stripped naked and humiliated because she was “suspected” of shoplifting. This has gone too far and needs to stop before we infect the next generation with such despicable acts of violence

I haven’t had the heart to watch the ALUU 4 video because the sound of it alone disgusts me and is too painful for me to comprehend. How did anyone think that wasting the lives of these youths was a bright idea? Who the hell are we to take life when we cannot guarantee our next breath not to talk of create a human being? The onlookers and perpetrators of that gruesome act are equally guilty. I am not even going to comment on those who recorded the whole scene… Burning human beings alive in the 21st century? Who does that? I seriously doubt that the lowest of animals will descend so low to carry out such an evil act and we call ourselves human beings? It is so painful to know that we were created in the image of God but through the act of “freewill”, we have become nothing like our Father. It’s a SHAME

Rather than watch these boys groan in pain, couldn’t the onlookers get the Police? Oh, I forgot, those ones can’t be trusted either. But that doesn’t justify jungle justice. It doesn’t give anyone the right to harm another human being. We pray like no other Country but our sins are World class. How can you expect things to go well for you, when you can’t love or respect your neighbor? Which part of “judge not so that ye shall not be judged” do we not understand? Or “remove the log in your eyes before removing the speck in your neighbors’ eyes”?

As much as we love to blame our leaders for all the problems we face in this country, I dare say that the bulk of the problem lies with us. It must be really hard to lead a bunch of dimwits that are not fit to be called human beings. I am beyond upset because whilst a few people are trying hard to move the country forward, we still have a large majority that is not only satisfied with mediocrity but would rather we return to the Stone Age. Kilode? O gini?

I cannot change my Nationality and I’m not about to deny my Country but I won’t sit back and act as though all is well with us. It is not! The sooner we realize this, the better for us. We think our problem is lack of steady power supply, bad roads, unemployment, bad leadership…. But we are the real problem. Can’t we follow the simple rule of, “don’t do to others, what we won’t want done to us”. If that’s too hard to do, then just remember that NO ONE has the right to mistreat another human being not to talk of taking his life

We are not animals! We are all made in the image and likeness of God which means there’s a piece of Him in all of us. If you catch a thief, murderer, rapist…etc, as much as he deserves punishment, allow that to be done by the appropriate authorities. Yes we may not trust them but let’s play our part and leave them to the hands of their creator

My children will not be brought in an animalistic society with no regards for human life. It is time for us to turn from our evil ways. This is everyone’s’ problem and needs to be tackled before it becomes an epidemic. We are not animals! We have a heart, we have brains; it won’t hurt for us to use them once in a while!

My sincere condolences to the friends and family of the ALUU 4 victims. It didn’t have to happen, it could have been avoided but the Lord knows best.

I weep for my Country as I see the misplaced priorities and unutilized chances. Our potentials are great but it takes a right thinking Citizenry to exploit them.

Stay Strong!


  1. Wow, was just about to sleep when I decided to read your blog. Well, guess what? I'm awake! You got my attention!

    Firstly, let me say that this blog post was literarilly refreshing to read ( and I didn't mean to say literally), with a lot of nice lines that caught my attention. I can confidently say that it is second-to-none, compared to some ill-written articles I come across on newspaper sites.

    To be honest, when I first discussed the Aluu killings with a friend, I felt that, if the allegations against the boys were true, they got what was coming to them. I felt that people were just fed up with the crime happening around them and the perpetrators getting away with them.

    But, after my conversation with my friend, I tried to be rational about what happened, I tried to understand why this was handled wrongly. And all of a sudden, one of my favorite Asa songs pops into my head: "...let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone, Mr. Jailer..."

    I suddenly realized that if Jesus, the one who has the power to judge that prostitute with an irreversible pronouncement could pardon her, how much we humans.(Someone once said that his best hunch was that when Jesus stooped and started writing on the ground, He was probably writing the sins of people in the mob, and when each of them saw it, they dropped their stones and turned away.)

    I still haven't fully convinced myself that what was done wasn't right, but one thing I have realized is this: we don't have the right to take justice into our own hands like this, because even the innocent can get caught up in it.

    Wish I had time to re-read this post. As they say in Sunday School over here,"That was deep!"

    I see a memoir in the future-and it has these blogs written all over it!

    1. ...and I am reminded again of why I am VERY proud to have you as my brother. Thanks a lot for your very insightful and well written comments. I really think you should also have a blog!:)

      I may not be able to change your stand on this issue and I share your sentiments on people being tired of pepertators getting away with crime, but "two wrongs never made and never will make a right". Jungle justice is far from justifiable and acceptable. It only aggravates the issue. The fact that people can be burnt alive and mistreated in such a gruesome manner is appalling and frankly downright scary. It means people have become heartless and have decided to play god.
      The ripple effect of incapable security agencies and law enforcement bodies in this country has caused people to take the laws into their hands. Still that isn't an excuse, for a lawless society is basically a time bomb waiting to go off any second. When it does, both the innocent and guilty will suffer.
      As for the memoir, because the suggestion is coming from you; I will give it a serious thought!:) Miss you plenty!