29 Oct 2012


In the land of Stupidity, the Smart person is seen as weird…

I believe because of the aforementioned sentence, someone once advised that “if you can’t beat them, you join them”…

However in this case, I refuse to join “them”…

Call me whatever you like but I’m smart enough to recognize Stupidity from a mile away

Not because I’m the smartest person on earth but my ‘one too many’ clashes with Stupidity has given me serious allergies to this epidemic

Lately I have been wondering how this came upon us and why most of us have decided to accept 'it' as the norm

Perhaps, trying to change things will make us unpopular and not in vogue

Perhaps, if it doesn’t affect us directly, then it isn’t our business

Perhaps, because many people have tried to correct the wrong in the past and failed, we believe it isn’t worth the try again

Perhaps, we may be wrong! If you refuse to accept Stupidity and try to change it, then it will no longer be the norm

I bet you are wondering what I call Stupidity?

Jungle and Mob justice is Stupidity…

Killing of innocent individuals for whatever cause is Stupidity…

Looting of public funds is Stupidity….

Being irresponsible in a position of responsibility is Stupidity…

Breaking laws to suit personal benefits is Stupidity….

Passing unfair judgment is Stupidity….

Corruption is Stupidity….

Heartlessness and Insensitivity to the plight of your fellow human being is Stupidity….

….and the height of Stupidity is not acknowledging that there is a God who has the ability to end our lives at anytime. A God, who should be reverenced, obeyed and can NEVER be mocked

So in this land of Stupidity, would you rather be with the majority or join the Smart minority and risk being called weird?

The choice is yours… Choose wisely because your decision can make or mar you!

Stay Strong!

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