6 Nov 2012


That nagging feeling of drought and emptiness, that feeling that has clung to me for several days now, and it doesn’t seem like it has any plan of letting go

I open my mouth to speak but my eyes have a better way of expressing how I feel. Warm tears’ flowing down my cheeks as a river overflows its banks

I try to make sense of what is happening to me, I try to understand why the sudden despair and then I remember that it had always been there, bottled up so that no one could see

I almost fooled myself believing I had gone past the hurt. That the pain had become bearable, that I understood the delay and was very okay with it

However, my heart had taken more than its fair share. It could no longer bear the pain it felt

I decided to look to my Creator for answers; I called but didn’t get any response. I sent letters but no replies. I waited but never got a visit, and then I began to panic

I have never lived my life alone. How do I cope without His re-assurance? What sense did it make to keep hoping and praying when there was no response?

Just as I was about to let the pain completely engulf me… I heard the voice, almost inaudible but I heard it! I could not be mistaken; it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It wasn’t only about the words that were spoken but the way they were spoken…

The tears dried up immediately, my heart became whole, my lips parted and for the first time in a long while; I could speak! I could express myself!!!

I ranted on how much I needed HIM, how I was in so much pain but HE abandoned me. How lonely I felt and how I was about losing it…

HE let me talk to my hearts’ content and when I was done HE repeated the same words I heard earlier, “BE STILL”

There and then I knew I got it all wrong in the beginning….

HE was there all along, working things out for my good. Perhaps not as fast as I wanted, probably not exactly how I wanted but exactly how I needed it. Just PERFECT as always…

So yet again the tears flowed, but this time with a smile on my face. Tears of gratitude to the ONE who is ALWAYS about my business

To the ONE who requires one thing of me…. “BE STILL”

  Stay Strong!


  1. Its okay dear, bare your heart to God!
    Cry all you want!! cos when He answers you, all the tears and pain will be totally forgotten. In fact, you'll be wondering why you ever bothered to worry about it. His gifts make rich, and add no sorrow whatsoever.
    Trust me, I know!