23 Nov 2010

Finishing Strong!

Hello Darlings! I'm so sorry about my long absence, hopefully that will change from now on. A whole lot has happened since the last time I blogged and it will take a much longer time to "fill you in" but rest assured that you'll get the 'gist' soon :)

I stumbled upon a 'write up' I did in 2009 (20/8/09 precisely) and I decided to share it with you. Enjoy...

No one to speak to so I write,
Hoping it will ease the burden that I bear,
The burden of uncertainty and fear for the future,
In anticipation for the best, I wait patiently,
But gradually this 'wait" is beginning to wear me out,
Some call it Impatience, I call it an endless wait,
Just when I think i've scaled the hurdle,
Something creeps up, reminding me that I've only just begun,
So I ponder, ... if it always seems like the beginning, how am I expected to run this race called "life" and "finish strong"??
Surely, I'm not here to remain at the "beginning",
Whilst I juggle those thoughts in my head, I'm reminded that the race is not to the swift...
It's not all about "starting well" but more importantly, about "finishing strong",
...So i relax, knowing that for as long as there's "life", I'll have the opportunity to fulfil my purpose,
...perhaps all these hurdles are to equip me for the race,
...perhaps, once I get past the beginning successfully; "finishing strong" will be a 'piece of cake',
I am also reminded that His ways are not our ways,
...that His thoughts for us are of good and not of evil,
...that He knows the end of a thing before it begins,
...that He knew us before we were born,
So I look back and say... No matter how much time I spend in the beginning phase, with HIM the end will be great!

Stay Strong!

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