26 Nov 2010

Quotes by Lulu...

My Darlings, Hw una dey?? I'm doing great...At some point today I took a closer at the Calendar and realized that we are already in the last weekend of November, 2010!!! Isn't this God amazing?? I remember vividly January 1st 2010, and despite all that has happened this year; I can only be thankful to Him for bringing me this far. He has been exceptionally wonderful and though there are a bunch of my prayer requests that haven't been answered, I thank Him all the same because 35days is more than enough time for My God to get them all answered!!

Whilst going down memory lane recently, I stumbled upon some quotes I wrote and I will be sharing some of them with you every Friday till the end of the year, the series will be titled "Quotes by Lulu" :) Please note that I'm not a professional, so be gentle if you have to criticize me :) Basically, the quotes are a reflection of what I felt at the time they were written. I hope that we will learn a thing or two from them...

- You have no idea of the greatness within me, if you did; you'll handle me with care
-  Life is a school, you decide on the number of degrees you wish to attain
-  For all the times I ran away, He loved me even more. Does that make me want to keep running away? NO!! ...because every time I was away, I missed HIM even more
-  I've come to realize that the word "friend" has been abused; an "accomplice" is sometimes more sincere than some friends
-  You can have a "blueprint" of how your life should be but make sure to first seek the approval of "The Architect"
- "If it worked for her, it should work for me"... So UNTRUE!!!! Why?...because I'm a different specimen, I have my own unique composition!

                                                                                - Lulu

There are more from where that came from :) As mentioned earlier, I will continue the series next Friday. I know that the quotes may be "crude" but i sincerely hope that we can learn something from them. Have a wonderful and fun weekend!!! Please don't forget to also thank "The Architect" of our lives for bringing you this far... It is by His grace that we live. Love U loads!!!!

Stay Strong!

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