17 Dec 2010

The gift of Salvation

Hello Dear Friends,

I trust our week has been okay so far? Mine has been good but a bit hectic, it is becoming more difficult for me to juggle work and my Blog but God dey... I promised to share my quotes with you every Friday and I'm sorry that didn't happen because of work and a few trips I had to make in the past few weeks but I'll share some more with you today. However, before I go on; I'll like us to go down memory lane...

It's Christmas time again and everyone is looking forward to it for various reasons. For some,it is a time to rest after working hard all through year, to others it's a time to meet family and play catch up over a  dish of rice and chicken... but really, is dat what/all Christmas stands for? Sometimes, I find myself caught up in that web, but this year I hope to approach this season differently. Imagine this, someone that I never knew, who didn't mean a thing to me and sincerely I couldn't be bothered about, thought about me and sent His only son to save me. My Savior, One I'll learn to love and respect. One that will later give His life so that I may live. Such love!!! So as we approach the season of His birth, I can't help but marvel at such love and I'm so grateful that even before I 'knew' Him, He sent His only begotten son for my sake.

This season, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be a part of Gods' kingdom and can only imagine what horror it would have been if the Savior wasn't born... So as I rest, catch up with my family this season, I will not forget that it is all possible because He sent His son. He thought of me first, that even when I didn't know Him, He loved me with an everlasting love. The birth of His son will forever mark the beginning of redemption and salvation of mankind. That singular incident is what is keeping the world together today.

Please, remember to thank Him today even as you worry about how to get money for rice and chicken, how you need to get gifts for your loved ones, how you need to change that car because it's too old to take you to the village, how you need to be at the latest xmas party in town... because you see, if He didn't send us this "gift of salvation", we'll have a lot more to worry about.

Daddy, I am thankful for the things I have and most especially for the things I am yet to recieve. We lost many people this year but you deemed it fit for me to be around to celebrate again the birth of your son. It doesn't mean I'm a better person but that there's still a lot of work I have to do for you. Words cannot express my feelings towards you, My Lord be thou exalted. I thank you for my family and friends, grant us the grace to continue to serve you and walk in your ways. Help us realize that to whom much is given, much is expected. Help us make everyday that we spend on earth count and most of all help us understand the true "reason for this season".


- You are not a wasteful God, so if you've given me so many talents; it must be because you are confident I'll utilize them wisely
- Taking up responsibilities has a way of making you responsible
- People say, "Temptations come to make you strong"; I say they come to make me exhibit my strength
- Strength is not your ability to not feel pain but your ability to go through pain and come out strong
- All the setbacks I experience today, is necessary for a wonderful testimony
- If He cares to number the hair on my head, He surely must be concerned about the more important things in my life
- Whenever in doubt, just trust Him. You can NEVER go wrong with that

                                                                                                       - Lulu

I wish you all a very "Happy Christmas and spectacular new year"!!!!!! Once again, remember to make Him the "reason for the season".

Stay Strong!

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