24 Dec 2010

Perfectly Imperfect...

Hello Dear Friends,

How are you doing? How are we preparing for Xmas and the New year? Please remember to make HIM the reason for the season. He has been so faithful to me and even though I still have a list of prayers yet to be answered, I know it's not too late for Him to answer them this year. If some of them remain unanswered, it means that He has better plans for me. Hard as it may be but I'll trust Him. Just the other day, I was telling a dear friend of mine that I have no other option than to trust God. He is all I have, all I depend on, all I believe, all I've ever known... So if He says "Linda my daughter, you have to wait", as much as I may be in a hurry; I have no choice than to wait.

Anyway, today I'll like us to discuss on how Imperfect we are. Lately a lot has been happenning to me but I came across a lovely song "Imperfect me" by "M.I" and ever since I listened to the song, I've had it on 'repeat'. Lovely song that just talks about how Imperfect we are as humans and how it's His love that has kept us this far. Each time I listened to that song, I couldn't help but marvel at Gods' love and how EVERYTHING would have been futile without HIM.

I am very Imperfect... Perfectly Imperfect to say the least... I'm not proud of it but that's the fact. I could step on toes, hurt people, disrespect people... etc because I'm only human but I try to be different from others by acknowledging my Imperfections and striving to be a better person. We have a lot of people who make it their sole responsibility to correct others without first taking a look at themselves. Don't get me wrong, it's okay to correct people when necessary but whilst you are it, will it harm you to do it in love? Does it make you a better person when you result to calling them names? Are you happy when it's all done, the person feels violated and not challenged? I thought the very essence of communication is to pass a message across and ensure that the reciever understands the message??

Moving on, Again I say; I am Imperfect and there's nothing I can do about it. The only perfect being is God, I can only strive for perfection. Please correct me where you deem necessary but be sure to do it in love. Better still, ensure that I understand the message you are trying to pass across. To all my friends that stood by me all these years, I AM GRATEFUL. You endured all my antics, some of you never complained even when it hurt you badly, some of you corrected me in love and some of you just loved me all the same. You waved off my Imperfections as me just being "Linda" and loved me for who I am... Words cannot express my feelings, you are the exact friends that the Bible said "...stick closer than a brother". Even though you have tolerated me, I will continually strive to be a better person and when it may not seem like so, please correct me in love. I'm just a Perfectly Imperfect Being striving for Perfection...


- You"ll remain UN- comfortable until you remove a few 'things'
- WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE... (Take out time to really 'digest' the meaning of that phrase)
- I'm made in HIS own image and likeness, so why on earth will I want to be someone else?

                                                                                                       - Lulu

Compliments of the Season!!!! Make this season count for someone else...

Stay Strong!

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