25 Aug 2012

New beginnings...

Wow! Two years... It's been two long years and I must confess I've missed blogging. As expected, a whole lot has happened in those years. I have become older, wiser, stronger and... I'll share a few of my experiences as we go on. Today's blog is all about NEW BEGINNINGS! I look at where I am today and remember where I was 2years ago, and all I can say is; I'm not where I want to be but I'm pretty damn close. At least closer than I was years back. I remember when all that mattered to me was to get good enough grades to get into the University. Afterwards, all I wanted was to graduate in flying colors but now I have new goals, new challenges, new aspirations, new beginnings. I have learnt that there is a huge difference between what I "want" and what I "need". That maturity is the ability to let go of the former and be content with the latter. Believe me, it's easier said than done. Life has also taught me how scaling one hurdle doesn't guarantee one's immunity from others. That everyday I wake up, I should be open to learning new things because no day is the same as the last one. I have been constantly reminded that when our lives stop being an inspiration to others, when we don't affect/influence other people's lives positively, when we live like we own our lives, when we go about life with reckless abandon, when all that matters to us is 'us' and no one else,... Then we no longer live but exist. Life is not a 'dress rehearsal', you have only chance to make it what you want it to be. The mistakes we make are the wealth of knowledge we need to make it through life. A man who has gone through life without difficulties, is a man who is yet to know what life is really all about. At the start of this new phase in my life, I have carefully chosen the tools I need and they are; - The Bible ( the only manual there is for a successful life) - My past mistakes (experience and wisdom) - Prayer (how on earth does anyone want to succeed without discussing with the Creator of the Universe?) I believe that when I have the above in place, every other thing will follow and fall into place. New beginnings can happen anytime. If you are not satisfied with the 'status quo' in your life, you can decide to change the situation. New beginnings can happen as often as you want but be careful that in so doing, you are not being unstable. Have a goal for your life, chart out the vision, get the tools that will help you get there and follow it through. No one should live his/her life without purpose, that's a recipe for disaster. My New beginnings start now... How about yours? Stay Strong!

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