18 Sep 2012


Hello friends, I apologize for the break in transmission. Several road trips and unstable internet connection resulted to no blogging :)

So back to today’s’ post, Just the other day, a very dear friend wanted to know what my hobbies where and my favorite things in the world. I thought to myself “well that’s really easy. I love to eat out occasionally at a nice cozy good restaurant. My love for pasta knows no bounds and a glass of very good red wine will just complete the meal :) As for my favorite things, I guess shoes and bags are it! Scratch that, I love shoes more!! :)))

You know that feeling when you walk into a shoe store and time stands still for you? When it seems like all the shoes are speaking to you, trying to get you to try them on? Well, that’s a wonderful feeling and I get that every time I walk into a shoe store. First off, I check out the ‘high heels section’. I am more of 6-8 inches, pencil heels lady. I’m not a big fan of “block heels” but love me some ‘wedges” occasionally. Great pair of shoes has a way of completing an otherwise frumpy look. It gives you that attitude, that confidence and not to mention elegance :)

Usually when I go window shopping, I try to avoid shoe stores but even when I walk by and struggle not to see them, they seem to call out my name. It’s really hard. Sometimes, I tell myself that it’s okay to just take a peek. After all, there’s no harm in day dreaming. However, the mistake I always make is that I try them on. Once I have them on my feet, it feels like my life will be incomplete if I left the store without them. So I came up with another game plan, never to go window shopping with my credit card.

Once, I saw a lovely pair of shoes online and decided to go get them from the store later on in the week. Long story short, I got to the store and left with 3 pairs of shoes instead of one. So I made a mental note, “I had better stick to online shopping”. Order and have it delivered to my doorstep.

My mother thinks it’s an obsession, I happen to believe it’s just a necessity. I look at every pair of shoes I have and can hardly imagine not having any one of them. Unfortunately my love of shoes also extends to guys. The first thing I notice in a guy at our first meeting are his pair of shoes. That singular act has in the past contributed to my decision of whether or not to have a second meeting with the guy. Some people may call me vain right now but truth be told, isn’t there something really sexy about a guy who has wonderful dress sense and lovely pair of shoes to go with it? Abi, you wan tell me say if your guy come take you out with all dem “boat shaped” Aba made shoes, u no go hide ya face? Abegi, make I hear word! Seriously though, as important shoes are, abeg they are not a recipe to wonderful relationships. If e dey affect you like me and you like the guy, gently nudge him to get better stylish shoes or kukuma buy them for him. All na investment! :)

Overtime, I have realized that the shoes don’t have to be overly expensive to look beautiful. Trust me; I have seen really ugly expensive shoes. I guess it’s all about your style, taste and how you combine them with your outfit. Some shoes give your legs that extra lift, some make them look smaller others are just made to give you that extra bounce in your steps. Whatever our style, they need to be clean, well kept and stylish.

So lately I’ve been pondering, if people say you need to study or work in the area that gives you great joy; FOR THE LOVE OF SHOES, can’t we have a course known as SHOEOLOGY? Which according to my dictionary will mean, “The study of shoes and the positive impact on the Human race”? :)

I know I could go into the sales of shoes but knowing me, I’ll just end up keeping all the shoes to myself. So the only option is to go for a course on shoes and later lecture others who are interested in this very important life changing subject. :)

Have a fantastic week!

Stay Strong!


  1. ...even when not proud, shouldnt the guy be honest about his 'boat shaped' shoes?

  2. Yes LA, he should.Honesty is a rare and beautiful trait. But I still think that he can also work on getting a better pair of shoes. A good looking pair of shoes doesn't have to cost 'an arm and a leg'; except his preference are just those style/shape of shoes. In that case, for me it is a 'No No'. Honesty or not! :))