3 Sep 2012


Hello dear friends, I trust y’all are doing okay. Today’s’ post was influenced by the age old “myth” that most young ladies have fallen for. This myth is so strong that it cuts across all races… Every young lady gets to that point when all she waits for is her “Prince Charming” to come for her in “shining armor riding on a white horse” :)

I have decided to “write a letter” to this “Prince Charming” to find out who he really is and why he tends to keep us ladies waiting. As we all know, it is not proper to keep a lady waiting…

Dear Prince Charming,

I trust you are doing well? I have heard so much about you and I really can’t wait to meet you. I hear you are “Tall, Dark and handsome”, you have a wonderful job, drive a really cool car and you live in the best neighborhood in town. I can imagine that you’ve been very busy touring the whole world, that’s why we haven’t met yet. I am told that you have a wonderful sense of humor and your smile lights up a room. I understand that you don’t drink or smoke, you are respectful, courteous, selfless…etc, not obsessed with football and you love shopping!

I really can’t wait to meet you. I have dreamt of you for a very long time, trying to imagine you “waltz” into my life and ‘sweep me off my feet”. However, I wonder what’s taking you so long? I have been waiting for you for a very long time now, so many other men have approached me but I didn’t even give them the time of the day. They were too short, too fat, too thin, not wealthy enough, addicted to football, not learned enough, no sense of humor …etc. They just weren’t good enough, they were not you. Now I’m getting older and my friends tell me that you may not show up anymore and even if you did, you may not like me because with age, my tummy isn’t as flat as it used to be, I have a few wrinkles here and there… However, I don’t think that’s my fault. If you had shown up earlier, at the time I was still very young, you probably won’t have seen these minor issues.

Anyway, I’m only writing to tell you to show up soonest. I have waited for you all my life and I’m beginning to fear that you won’t show up. It is really not nice to keep a lady waiting. We need to start our “picture perfect” family soonest and you know I can’t do that on my own, I need you. One more thing, can you please send me a reply? I’ll like to be sure that you got my letter.

Your Future Wife,

Me! :)

So after “Prince Charming” receives the letter, he decides to send a reply. …

Dear Future Wife,

I am very well, thank you. I trust you are too. I received your letter and based on your request, I decided to reply. What I’m about to write may be very painful to you but it’s the truth and I think it’s about time you know it.

I am afraid you have been fooled all your life. I am not all you expect me to be. If I were, that will make me perfect and I am far from it. I may not look like Denzel Washington or Will Smith but I love you from the depth of me. I love to watch football matches with friends but that doesn’t mean you are not the most important person in my life (of course after God and my mother). I could take you shopping anytime you want but I’ll have to make the money first. My priority is to get a good job, buy a car and rent a house in a nice clean neighborhood. We could start with a mini flat and with you by my side and your support; we will have our own house someday in the nearest future. I love you and with that, is respect and selflessness. However, please bear with me when I sometimes mistakenly hurt you. I am only human and I’ll make mistakes but always remember that I have made it my job to take care of you the best way I know how and when I stray, please understand and correct me in love. Unfortunately, all that is in the past now…

I am sorry you feel like I have kept you waiting for so long but that wasn’t my intention. I approached you 3 years ago but you didn’t even give me the opportunity to speak. That didn’t stop me because I kept running after you for 1 year but all you told me was that, I was too short, too fat, too poor and lacked the finesse you required from your man. On hearing all that and after fighting for you for about a year, with pain in my heart; I had to leave but I still thought about you for a very long time.

Right now, I am happily married with two kids. I own a consulting firm, live in the best neighborhood in town and I drive the best cars. I have become the fantasy you had with the help of another woman…my wife. It could have been you but you were not patient enough to wait for me.

It is still not too late for you to find your life partner. Now that you know that all you’ve believed is a myth, give the next reasonable man that shows up in your life a chance. The fairy tale doesn’t exist but the good thing is that you can make that “man” in your life your “Prince Charming”. Prince Charming can also be short, fat, and sweep you off your feet in a “danfo” bus. What matters is his heart and genuine affection for you. When that is in place, you are on your way to paradise.


“Prince Charming”

So my dear friends, I’m not saying you should compromise your stand or settle for less, all I’m saying is that sometimes “big things come in small packages”. Do not let your “Prince Charming” pass you by, all in your quest for fantasies. As for the guys, also work on yourselves. It’s not all about money, looks or material things but trust me, there’s something very sexy about a man who is respectful, courteous, selfless, honest, and has a vision. Relationships are like partnerships, both parties have to bring something meaningful to the “table” to make it work.

Stay Strong!


  1. Nice one Lulu, I think I get where you're coming from. I honestly dont think there's anything wrong in a girl wanting all of these, but once she allows her desires blind her from seeing potential in that man that is definitely going somewhere, I think thats where the problem lies.

    If he's already made, its amazing, but if he's still on the way there, join him and make your story together ;)

  2. Thanks a lot Jhaz. I totally agree with you, Lord knows I want my "Prince Charming" to be already made and come for me in a Bugatti! :)) However if that doesn't happen, I guess we just have to look past our "wants" and focus on our "needs". Besides, "making the story" together with our partner isn't such a bad idea too :)) Thanks again for reading my blog.

  3. Lulu, this is lovely. This is an accurate reflection of how some people think and I mean guys too, if only we could learn without costly and painful mistakes. With the help of God though we will all meet our "Future Wives" and "Prince Charming". Thanks for sharing. Can I share it?

  4. Nice one, Lulu love.
    Prepare your mind for the football obsession sha, its almost almost certain!
    Mr Right will show up sooner or later, for all you know, he could be closer than you think (wink).
    I agree with Jhaz but the Mr Right should at least have some of your wants puh-leeez. If he's TDH with a fat bank account, then wow! If he doesnt have a fat bank account, then let him be a Denzel Washington lookalike (or Morris Chestnut, if you share my spec). Haba! a girl shouldnt miss out on all fronts. Lol.

  5. Thanks a lot Paul. Please feel free to share it :)

  6. Bino dear, thanks a lot. That football obsession is killing! I guess I'll have to deal with it somehow. The silly Mr. Right should show up sharply jare, how long can a lady wait? :)) However, I like the idea of not missing out on all fronts...and Morris Chestnut is definitely my spec!!! Adding a fat bank account to the looks could just be my compensation for waiting this long! lol!