24 Sep 2012

When we love...

So I set out today not knowing what I was going to write. This wasn’t because I didn’t know what to write, I just had too much on my mind…

Humans are very complex and every pain or hurt we experience today is of our own making. We were created in the likeness of a peaceful and loving God, I wonder how we became this wicked. The Lord gave us power and dominion to rule over things on earth but what did we do? We used our powers to become slaves to the things on earth. The Lord gave us free will to discern good from evil but we used the freewill to create mayhem in our world. We were created superior than the beasts in the field but today, some of us act worse than those beasts. Look at what has become of our world today; no day goes by without hearing of some murder, crime, rape, robbery… We have become a shadow of ourselves without even knowing it

I still marvel at how a person can take the life of another so easily. How can one who isn’t guaranteed the next breath, think it wise to cut short the life of another? Absurd! Strange! Sad! If you have no power to give life, why on earth do you think it wise to take another? People are dying every day like chickens and at this rate, I wonder why the Lord hasn’t wiped us all out in anger because you see, HE has the power to do so. He doesn’t have to explain it to us, take our permission or apologize for it. HE created us and HE can very well end HIS creation but He hasn’t. That got me thinking….

Just the other day I was listening to a song on the radio and the lyrics went something like this; “…HE sent HIS only Son to die for us, HE didn’t have to but HE did… HE could have sent a legion of angels in HIS place but HE chose to send HIS son…” Now that also got me thinking…. HE sees the end of a thing before it begins so surely HE knew that the human race was going to be a great disappointment but HE still sent HIS Son. You cannot explain such love and sacrifice and it makes me wonder; how on earth can anyone say there is no God? Or how can you say you serve this God of love, yet hate your fellow human being so badly?

I open the newspapers and all I read about is war, cyber crime, riots, babies abandoned in the refuse bin, people dying from hunger, corruption, looting of public funds, scams…etc. It all has to stop!!! When will we realize that at the end of the day, what will count is our contribution to the society/world? Are we going to leave the world a better place for our kids or not? We are answerable to a higher being and HIS plans for us are of peace and not of evil. Do we not know that love is a stronger weapon than hate? Do we not know that no one is better than the other and we are all equal in HIS eyes? Do we not know that no one is promised tomorrow? Do we not know that there is a piece of God in all of us?

My heart is very heavy from the things I see today and I am afraid that if care is not taken, things may get worse. It is even more painful when you see children roped into these evil acts that they have learnt from adults. We have deprived them of their innocence and forced them into early adulthood.

Let me make this clear, killing isn’t only physical. In fact, most of the damage done today is psychological. Most people walk around today with a broken heart, a scar, shattered dreams… all because some other person decided to play god.

It takes a lot of energy to hate but a lot less to love. When we love, we forgive. When we love, we help. When we love, we protect not destroy. When we love, we see ourselves in the other person. WHEN WE LOVE, WE TRULY LIVE!

Stay Strong!

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