16 Jul 2010

Sleep, oh sleep...

Hiya!!! I missed you guys o... I just thought i'd give you all a "breather" yesterday but trust me i was "tempted to blog" :) Se o wa pa? Kedu?... Lol! Don't mind me o, my blog is not supposed to be all stiff and formal so kindly excuse my "goofs" :)

So back to todays' story, in my bid to become a "complete" woman (Physically, Spritually, Mentally, Financially, ...), i decided to go back to my exercise routine. In the past i tried the gym but i got bored, even with the addition of aerobics; i just wasn't motivated to continue (Did i hear someone say "lazy girl"? Na U sabi ). I even tried Salsa dance classes and it was fun while it lasted. Well i haven't ruled it off completely, i just haven't been attending classes due to work and distance. With all those excuses in place, "home girl" was busy packing on the pounds and telling herself that she just looked like a true African woman... lol. Anyway, i got out of my delusion and this time, i opted for early morning jogs but it hasn't been easy o especially because i just started yesterday :)

It's not been easy because all my limbs are beginning to ache (well i haven't worked out in a while) but that's really the least of my concerns. The major pain in d ... is that i have to get up early! Reduce my hours of sleep!! U may not understand my lamentations but people close to me know that i DON'T JOKE with my sleep. Lai lai! If i have to choose between sleep and food, outings, clothes, shoes,... name it (well except God), i will choose "Sleep" anytime. Even if asked when asleep, i will choose sleep...lol. So now you have a fair picture of what i mean... but to be sincere,  since i started this new routine i start the day feeling very refreshed and i'll tell you the reason.

Since i will choose sleep over most things, i had to find something that is of great importance to me and that is God. So when i jog in the morning, it isn't only an exercise routine for me; it also serves as my "quiet time". I have my ears plugged and listen to heart warming, life transforming music. It takes me to a different realm, i am reminded once again on how the Lord has been faithful, how i can't thank him enough... I get to have conversations with my maker and together we plan my day... little wonder that for everytime i've done that, i've come out refreshed!

Moreso, the bible says "Do not love sleep or you'll grow poor; stay awake and you'll have food to spare" (Prov. 20: 13). I am not saying that we shouldn't sleep at all but a healthy amount of sleep will do just fine. I'm not a Doctor but i've heard that 6-8 hrs sleep should do just fine so please take heed. I am in the process of "loosing the bondage" of sleep in my life :) and by the grace of God, i'm sure it will happen soon! Don't worry, watch this space cos you'll be reading about pretty soon...

For others out there that may be facing the same "sleep" issue, the first step is to want to handle it; the second and most important step is to let the Lord guide you. Oh, and for the record; "gisting" with God is so much fun! He listens, he really does... You just might want to try it early in the morning?

Stay strong!


  1. Hey dear...first off...welcome to blogville and i believe i speak on behalf of the whole e-village :).

    As for the jogging, my dear, don't we all have our share of woe tales..lol, but a fellow blogger (Writefreak) once tried out a 30day jogging exercise, and her routine included, listening to worship/praise songs on her ipod and having her quiet time as she jogged...that's sure a winner, so next time u decide to jog, u cud try that, shud b fun.

    Plus a jogging partner wouldn't be a bad idea either..

  2. Thanx a lot darl! You are so right about the quiet time and praise & worship songs because that's what i do and it has been really awesome.As for jogging partner,i guess i should find one ASAP:)

    I remember back in school you used to write a lot and you were very good at it. Do you still write? or blog? If you blog, please send me your link, would love to read from you again :)

    Thnx for all the support, have a great weekend!