13 Jul 2010

This little light of mine...

Hello dearies,

So i didn't let my excitement get a better part of me because trust me the moment i was done with the first blog post, i wanted to do another one :) E be like say this thing dey "shack" me small ... Lol! Anyway, i hope we all had a restful night and our day has gotten off to a good start... I am just very grateful for the gift of life, especially today.

I didn't have a very "restful" night because i was haunted by nightmares, i rarely have them but this one was the second in the past three days. Last nights' own did take the peak and i got up with a real scare. It felt too real to be just a dream. I'm not about to bore you with the gory details but trust me when i was done panicking and praying, i knew there was a lesson to be learnt from it.

U see, Life is indeed a gift. When you slip into that state of unconsciousness called "sleep" and get back to full consciousness the next day, do not think it's your own doing; it is ONLY the grace of God that keeps us. I don't mean to sound morbid but i think as humans, we need to be reminded that we are all here for a purpose and each time we are given the opportunity to see another day; we should make sure it takes us closer to achieving that purpose. It will be a very sad thing to "leave" without achieving our purpose.

I guess what i'm trying to say is; let us try and find out our purpose in life and work towards achieving it. Trust me, the only one who can give you ACCURATE information on that is God. He made you, formed you, breath life into you, the Alpha & Omega... it is by His grace we live. So, you can run all you want but sooner than later, you'll find out that all roads lead to Him.

To live a life without purpose is to live a life that is heading straight for doom. A word they say, is enough for the wise.

As for me, i know it can be very hard especially with all the troubles of the 'world' but i'll try nonetheless, i won't let setbacks deter me from my purpose. When i fall (cos i definitely will), i will get up, i will be reminded that i serve a forgiving God, one who loves me with an everlasting love, a God of second chance, a God who's utmost desire is to bid me "Welcome" when the time is come....

This little light of mine, i'm going to let shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!!!!!

Stay strong!


  1. First I want to commend you for finding the courage to extract the life lessons from your daily life and place them in the public domain for others to learn from. I also think your thrust as it relates to this posting on finding purpose is spot on.

    There is an urgent need for people to learn to 'Major on the Major' and not allow distractions to derail the course of their lives. Congratulations on this step and count on me as your partner in this journey.

  2. Thanks a lot D! I am honored to have you as a partner on this very exciting journey...