14 Jul 2010

Who is responsible?....

Hello Dearies, sorry for the late post today. My day has been a bit busy to say the least... Originally, i was going to blog about something else but there was an event i went for today that made me change my mind.

My Dad asked that i represent him at a valedictory/prize winning ceremony of one of our reputable secondary schools in Nigeria .Yes u saw right MY DAD, didn't the Bible say honor your father and mother so that your days will be long? I have a lot of things to do on planet earth o, so i agreed to go :) At first i was so angry; "Couldn't he send someone else? Does he think i'm that jobless? or i play at work? " But i wasn't brave enough to voice out my thoughts, so when he asked i just meekly said "Yes". Hmmm... this life na wa...

But back to the main story, I'm glad that i attended the ceremony because it further opened my eyes to a lot of things. I watched the graduating students rejoice and shout each time they were referred to and it reminded me of the days when i was just like them, when i just couldn't wait to get out of secondary school and being a border then it was like "Freedom here i come". I thought a lot about those times and where i am today, i couldn't help but marvel on how far i have come and how the Lord has kept me. Trust me, it wasn't easy. Again i said, "Baba ese, Chineke Dalu!!!"

But as i watched these students, i didn't have only happy thoughts... I was sad, tears welled up in my eyes... I thought, our leaders of  tomorrow, an upcoming generation that God could use to change a lot of things happenning in this country and the world... These ones are opportuned to have good education and training but some of their counterparts have never seen the four walls of any school. My heart bled further, by no fault of theirs some children come into this world and they suffer, they have no one to show them the way, some have no parents to be their role models, some in their quest to be noticed anyhow by the world turn to robbery, prostitution, etc.... Aren't those children also potential leaders of tomorrow? What crime did they commit? Aren't they also children of God? Doesn't God also love them?...

Then it struck me... Even though God has the power to change everything, he doesn't always do so but he has people like you and me that can make the change. He has blessed us with good homes, quality education, good jobs, etc... And what do we do? We still complain that it's not enough, forgetting that there are people that may never have a taste of what we have and they are also God's children. Could it be that the Lord blessed us, to be a blessing to others? Because you see, there is nothing that we have that we didn't recieve so we should also let other people recieve.

There and Then at the ceremony i made up my mind to give, to help in anyway i can. I have always had a passion for the youths and i will start with them, i will start with the ones i can reach, it may not be enough but it is a process. I will not hoard my blessings, I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for something i could have changed. Baba God i beg no vex, i now understand that i could be your little helper (i'm so honored), i could be someone's angel because again, what is life without giving?

So my dear ones, the question is "Who is responsible"? Are you?

Stay strong!


  1. Quite interesting as yesterday, I had the opportunity of seeing recent pictures of my high school and I marvelled at the level of deterioration that has hit the school and imagined the condition in which the students studied. I instantly felt like shutting the school down for a total renovation and infrastructural upgrade to provide a more condusive environment for the future leaders to study. While I dont have the kind of resources to bring that dream to fruition now, I understand that baby steps can be taken in affecting the lives of the students in that environment currently for the better and I will be doing that through the old students association.

  2. Indeed, there are a lot of schools in our country that are seriously "crying" for help but no one seems to think it necessary to do something about it. Infact, it is common knowledge that our educational system needs a reform but all we hear is plenty talk and little or no action. I agree power is very key to the survival of any economy as well as good roads etc... but we also need well educated people to ensure the maintenance of these facilities in the future; and that is were our youths come in. I know they say "don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"; that is why i think we should contribute our own quota in whatever way we can. A little can go a long way...

    I applaud you D for the decision you have made to contribute your quota and the Lord shall bless you richly. If only more people can do same,more lives will be transformed.